Summer Reiki

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Peace......... Balance...... Health...........

In a stressful environment, they can be hard to maintain. Reiki can help. As human beings we are not only made up of mind and body but also spirit. We are beings of naturally flowing energy, which can get depleted, unbalanced, or blocked depending upon how we choose to respond to our circumstances, others, or even past traumas we have yet to face. Some of our troubles go inside, and we hang on to them without realizing how much they are building up and affecting us on a daily basis. Our beautiful chakras, energy vortices that exist inside each of us and help keep us healthy, get muddied and can't do their job as well as they are meant to. This sometimes translates into dis-ease. Which is where Reiki comes in; wherever there is a problem, there is also a solution. Reiki (pronounced Ray-key), or universal life force energy, flows through the palms of the practitioner to the client, clearing their chakras and restoring their body to equilibrium. With everything unblocked and moving freely again, their body's natural capacity to heal itself is strengthened.

What can I expect during a Reiki treatment?

Depending on your needs, you will be asked to either sit in a chair, remain in your wheelchair, or recline on a massage table fully clothed. My palms during treatment remain about 3" above your body, unless laying my hands directly on the troubled area will better serve you. I will always ask permission first before doing this. I usually start at the feet, make my way up the left side to the hip, then work my way up the chakras and down the right side. Sometimes I do a body scan to see if I am drawn to a particular area that is in distress, other times I am intuitively drawn without the scan. Some practitioners work in complete silence. I am not usually that way. I find it more helpful to talk to the client and possibly learn more that may help me help them. 

Some clients have reported feeling heat, cold, tingling or throbbing sensations during the treatment. Others have had visions. Still others become so relaxed that they fall asleep right on the table. Sometimes I ask a client to turn over. If you look at the illustration above left you will see that the central chakras open to the front and back. Sometimes both approaches are needed. If you are seated this is not an issue. Once I have checked everything I ground you by holding your ankles or toes for a moment, then seal in the treatment and thank Reiki for helping us. Both the client, and the practitioner as a conduit, receive during a treatment.