Summer Reiki

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Summer J Breeze    My Journey Here

At six years old I found myself in a place of deep isolation, in the meadow behind our home. The daisy in front of me drew my eye, and I found myself wondering how it could have come to be so perfect in design. It was my first awakening to the possibility that I may not be completely alone after all.

Years later I found my first copy of the bible in a hotel room, and learned others in the world saw things differently too. That discovery expanded my awareness further into the spiritual realm. I began to sense the presence of both dark & light beings. 

At nineteen Genetic Anxiety Disease kicked in, and my life changed again. I quickly became agoraphobic. It took a long time to overcome it all, but slowly I did return to some semblance of 'normalcy.' 

My first experience of church didn't stick, but a visit from an angel turned that around. I became a Catholic and experienced spiritual warfare, both within my dream time and upon awakening. I received dark visitors, and my senses grew stronger. I learned how to protect myself, and call upon the angels to help me. I learned the power of words. Friends and strangers came to tell me their troubles, and I began to sense angels and spirits around them as well. 

A terrible crisis showed me the true face of those around me. The anxiety returned with a vengeance & I left the church. A friend I had met along the way saw me through the horrible darkness I entered then, and with patience and love, helped me crawl out of it. I received a couple of major healings that helped me see things with more hope. Two years later I married him in the very church I had left.

Once again I felt peace, as I settled into family life. I remained mainly housebound by the disease, but experienced another dream come true with the birth of my daughter. Raising her kept me busy, as did creating and maintaining our five gardens, and household. I created a safe, beautiful world for myself inside the lines of my fenced-in yard. I worked to increase the breadth of that world over a period of about 20 years in all. I walked or biked everywhere I could, and once again people came. They came to my home to talk, and they came up to me on the street. My intuitive and empathic senses opened up accordingly. I had always been attuned to nature as well, so began to see the shifts in her early on; Global Warming was not news to me. At one point I began to smell cigarette smoke in the house, and feel a presence. It was not a threatening one this time, so I asked him to lose the cigarette if he wanted to stay. He seemed to be protective of my daughter, and was not aggressive, so I did not worry overly about him.

Life rarely stays the same, and mine was no exception. I began to meet people of like mind—of like spirit—and began to grow. I left my marriage and the growth continued. Spirit sent me different people, different ways of believing, different experiences. 'The Secret' DVD introduced me to the Law of Attraction, another big leap forward in understanding. I had gardened for years but not focused much on trees. They reached out to me with their generous spirits and I now see them completely differently. I discovered our male spirit from the house had followed my daughter to our apartment, and that another, an older woman, already lived there as well. She was not a happy spirit and soon became aggressive. I learned to smudge, and how to guide her to the light. I was attacked by another—a 'live' spirit--and had to use all of the knowledge I had been given up to that point to stop him. If I had not been through those nights of warfare training I would have been in bad shape. That night taught me a lot about myself, my journey, and the choices I could make. I chose not to live in fear.

I got on a plane by myself for the first time in my life and went to a place that had been calling me for five years. It was life-changing. I learned what it was to live at a slower pace, to be my true self, freely and openly, in a way I never had before. I wanted more of that. One way to get it was to openly admit I was a spiritual being with gifts I had been keeping mostly hidden. I came back with the knowledge that I was going to live differently from then on, and began to look into Reiki. It confirmed all I had already been doing naturally, but with more focus and knowledge behind the awareness. Since I have been doing treatments I have seen wonderful things happen, for both the people and the pets I have been asked to help. I learned AromaTouch, and trees now mean more to me than I can say. I am returning once more to the place where I learned so much about myself. Spirit continues to teach me with love. Most of all, with all of the different faiths I have been exposed to, I have seen that at the core of them all is love. The rest doesn't matter so much to me. We are all one, seeking where we fit, struggling to release our true selves and live authentically, happily. I will continue my journey with that goal in mind for both myself and others.

Why choose me?

Summer Breeze is amazing! She did a distance Reiki session with me last December, during the stress filled holiday season. She was bang on the mark in recognizing where my physical and emotional pain was and her recommendations on how to remedy them were excellent The energy I got from her Reiki healing session continued with me over the holidays and farther on into the new year. Summer is very gifted and I recommend her highly to all. 

~Iskra Rekrut

The day I went to see Summer for my Reiki session, my back was extremely sore. The pain was so bad that I had to slowly straighten my back when rising from a sitting position. After my session, however, I was able to go from lying down to standing without having any problems straightening my back at all. My back was still a little sore but the pain level had gone from about a 7 out of 10 to a 2. I also felt very relaxed and slept quite well that night. I will certainly be taking advantage of her services again. 

~Angela Broadhead

I was new to Reiki and felt timid about taking part in energy work but Summer Breeze made me a believer. Her kind approach and teaching manner helped me understand what Reiki can do to cleanse the body and helped me further my own spiritual journey. After our session my stress was greatly reduced and I felt relaxed for the first time in a very long time. Summer explained it as a life force energy flowing between us. She was able to sense the problem areas and knew how to restore order and calm. Summer Breeze is a kind, spiritual being. She has much to offer society with her gifts. If you’ve been interested in knowing more about Reiki talk to Summer. You’ll be happy you did. 

~Val Collins